flower face - happy birthday to me

flower face - happy birthday to me

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thursday morning, happy birthday
it could be so much worse than this
i'm having trouble breathing again
send me to the ocean and i'll learn to swim

knee socks, heart shaped sunglasses
i've tried so hard not to cry in front of you
you told me i could be anything i wanted
all i want to be is everything i'm not

swallowing ice and my wicked thoughts
with death on my mind, i don't know where to begin
i'll stop running from myself when i learn to tell time
i'll stop relying on you when you tell me to go

happy birthday to me,
the lights go out and i'm afraid
happy birthday to me, enjoy yourself,
i'm a thousand miles away

i got high in a convenience store and thought i saw god
on cigarette cartons and nothing at all

you're forgetful on your best days but i hope that you remember me

i don't know how anyone can sleep in this place
summer never comes and all the houses look the same
i've spent years forgetting people like you
because no one ever cares for long enough to keep me sane

and god, how do you sleep at night?
i'm sorry for my shaky knees and messy hair
i've been so wrong that i've forgotten how to be right
walk away, walk away, walk away

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